Saturday, June 25, 2011


My super tight sched hinders me from posting new updates here on my blog. I could feel the stress and all the tiredness since the school begun few weeks ago. Anyway, I'mma show you my big school bag(which is so unusual for me to wear such biggy one). I also scored a cute cuppy-notebook. Love love it. One reason why I didn't feel lazy writing notes :-)
Pink bag from Tomato

Love taking down notes 'cos of this cute cuppycake notebook ;-)


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Hello, sChOOL!

Third day of classes. Everybody still has the "post-summer-syndrome". Anyway here's some pics of my friends and I:)

Nikki, Kuya Dave, Me, Nicca

Dhee, Kuya Dave, Me


Friday, June 10, 2011

Crop it up!

I'll be counting few days more and I'm gonna say hello to classes again.. I have mixed emotions. Happy 'cos at last, I'll get to see my gorgeous friends and classmates after months long of vacation, on the other hard, I'm quite sad 'cos I know I will have a fewer time to go out with my friends and party hard til dawn haha kidding aside, I feel quite blue talaga 'cos of course for two months of having no classes, my body was already adjusted to sleeping in the wee hours of the morning then waking up SO late. And I know it'll be hard for me to go back into the "school routine", the fact that I have lots of super early morning classes just makes this fact harder.

So to "re-vamp" our school stuffs and also to add color to my wardrobe, my sister and I hit the mall. Bought our school necessities and finally get to hand the blazer at Tomato I've been eyeing to have. I also spotted a very vintage-looking, floral top at Landmark, the first time my eyes lay on it, I just felt in love right away And I'm really too lucky to have hot rings from YRYS!:)
   Flowery top I love:')

 cropped top: Just  | shorts: Redhead | bag: EGG | shoes: Bazaar

Love this one!

  Oh ringss:-)


Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Nothing to do at home so I decided to hit the mall to find fab clothes. But there's a thing that's been occupying my mind since yesterday. Don't laugh ha but I can't decide on what to wear! Okay I'm the lameEST! :|

this one ba?
top: Bayo

or this?
shirt used as a cover top: Esprit | inner top: Forever21

or be a vintage gal with this cover up??:)
cover up: Vintage | inner top: Forever21 | necklace: Random bazaar

My apology for being this vain! haha let you know what did I choose to wear on my next post!:)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Hello, June!

Time flies really fast. Two months vacation is about to end. It passed by too fast, like a snap. So, here goes June. Few days more and I'm into schooling again. Since my sister and my nephew needs some over-haul on their school stuffs we went to Mega Mall to buy things they need. I also bought some stuffs. A pair of shoes and slippers, hankies, water tumbler and some body essentials:))

The photos posted are mostly 'my photos' since my mother and sister are camera shy! haha!

What I wore:
top: Bargain | shorts: Surplus shop | slip-on: Bazaar | bag: Celine

The pa-tweetums award goes to... ME! hahaha

The girl on my left is my sister, Sayra.

 I miss my childhood:| I always buy pink stuffs when I was a kid. I'm a pinky girl back then.

Aren't they cute?:)

 HAHA! What am I doing in the kid's section? Hmmmm...

 Love these pairs.

One word: CHIC!:)

They're cute!

 Hi, Sayra!

I'm on the hunt for the cutest pair of girly slippies :-)

 Joash and I 

Fries and Chicken pops! Yummy!