Saturday, November 26, 2011

style attempt xx chocolate schubar

just perfect for the holiday right? what're you waiting for lovelies. join now! full details here:

Best of luck to all of us:)


Monday, November 21, 2011

spice it not?

 PIXELATED:| Sorry for the lame photo and post-processing. Adobe Photoshop was uninstalled in my laptop and this is just a phone shot.
~decided to change my display picture because I'm sick tired of  the old one.




We had a class election and I won the position of a "kawawang secretary". You read it right, kawawa:| being a class secretary is not new to me ever since grade school, I'm ALWAYS the unfortunate one to bag that position. And i just hate writing lectures on board, checking attendance and other boring errands your prof will ask from you. Can't blame the people who just adores my penmanship, it's really good! hahaha joke:) I don't know if my classmates just wanna punish me with this responsibility they gave me, I'm lazy I swear and I dunno why did they vote for me.  But since I love my classmates I ain't mad at them for giving me this hell-o position in our class. I think I'm already exaggerating hehe Done with my blah-ing:) I'll continue studying for our Cognitive and Experimental psychology quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck, lovies:)


Fashion Rev Bazaar

My very posh and kind friend, Deceree came with me yesterday at the Fashion Revolution Bazaar held at the Megatent, Ortigas. And by the way, I entered the bazaar for free cause I won Ms. Ana Palaspas promo wherein she gave free tickets to her lucky readers, and thank God I was one of those "lucky ones". Going back to my talk about the bazaar, it wasn't the hippiest nor the lamest bazaar I've been to. Most of the concessionaires were selling accessories and shoes. 

The Venue


The very posh, Deceree in her uber "fash-yon" H&M top

top: Landmark | shorts: Random Bazaar | bag: Tomato | aviators: Borrowed from Nin

Peek of what I was able to brought home:

 Bought this cute red bag from THERAPY BAGS

Bangles and a pair of fab tassle earrings


Saturday, November 19, 2011


v-neck: Forever 21 | cover-up: Random stall | necklace: Nava



A lot of lovely things happened yesterday:)

1. Finally, I was able to get this adorable datebook from Tomato! I really love it, so stylish and affordable. Grab yours too:)

2. Bought this cute cropped top for only php140 in Landmark. Nice steal, I must say:) I love the print on it, it says SHOPPING:)))

3. Had a good time with my super cool friends, Mirahdal and Camille. We talked 'bout random things and ate    a lot of junkfoods:) Well, yesterday was our"Junkfood day".

4. Our uber-talented friends made it to the finals! Kudos PSYCHOUSTICS!

Super blessed day! Life offers so many things to be grateful for. What a great feeling to live:))


Thursday, November 17, 2011

sweater weather

I fell in love with this sweater the first time my eyes laid on it. I bought it months ago and haven't used it that much since we had a very humid temperature for the past months but I know it'll not be hanging again for the long time in my closet cause I could feel the cold Christmas breeze. This cute sweater will be perfect for this cuddle season:) 



My friends are going to join a Band Contest in our school. We watched them as they rehearsed their song piece yesterday. Thumbs-up to them. They really are great, I ain't saying this because I'm their friend but I swear God really gave them awww-some talents. I hope they can make it through the elimination and bag any award on the finals:) Best of luck to them:)


Sunday, November 6, 2011


Last Tuesday, Mirahdal, one my best girl friends and I did a bit of shopping at SM Mega Mall. We were on the hunt for  the best scarf and we're lucky enough to snag one. I got mine with a leopard print and she picked a plain brown one. It is so chic, I swear:) I was also able to score a very cute necklace which has three pendants; 2 keys, 1 small, 1 big and a small heart. Also bought a pair of old rose colored loafers I've been eyeing to have. To top my lovely buys is the suuuper gorg PARIS inspired notebook I got, actually WE GOT since Mirahdal also grab one. I instantly fell in love with it, you all know that I'm a sucker of anything related to Paris right?, be it the famous Eiffel tower or their yummy macaroons. I know I will be inspired to take down notes because of my cute notebook hehehe. T'was really a nice day. Tiring but fulfilling since we got a lot of good steals!


Saturday, November 5, 2011


I missed writing here on my blogspot account since I've ventured more of my time managing my Tumblr. Anyway, I have a lot of backlogs and I dunno where to start:| My busy sched in school also's the reason why I wasn't able to blog for quite a while.

Things I was/am into the past few weeks are/were:
1. Joining MANY giveaway contests and I'm really hoping to win any of them *fingerscrossed*.
2. Been a Student Assistant in our school.
3. Window-shopped more than 5 malls in a week.
4. Everyday day-dreaming of going to Paris.
5. Listening to "Stereo Hearts" song everyday.
6. FB-ing, TUMBLR-ing and of course, checking my e-mail to see if there's some good news telling me I won something from the MANY giveaway contests I've joined.
7. Missing DAN HUMPHREY every single day

 I have to call it a night, fellas. My eyes are really tired. Sorry for my random blah-ing, my mind isn't working properly anymore it needs some rest:) Sweetmares!