Tuesday, May 31, 2011


The event I was thrilled about to attend for weeks, finally set forth last Thursday! Hello, Lord! Hello, Ignite! So May26 was the B I G DAY! Cuneta Astrodome was filled with people, mostly students who went all the way from different parts of the country to attend this event. We're the young generation yearning for God's uncompelling love. We seek for joy, truth and life and we believe through Ignite our souls will gonna be lifted high to our dear Creator. Arise generation, no longer forsaken. Arise! Arise!

Every opening number was a bang and the worship part was really great! I'm not as singer but I sang at the top of my lungs, I belted all those high tones and no doubt I sang like a pro for Him! Hearing your fellow students singing praises for Him, various schools we're united as one, and seeing those tons of students looking thirsty for God's words feels like heaven.  I am very thankful that I was able to attend Ignite. This 3-day event was indeed a life changing event. It's a MUST event for all the youths to attend. Not only for Christians, but for all the religions out there. We believe in only one God, anyway. The testimonials, inspiring words and stories of the speakers we're all strong! Through those, they helped me fully understand the greatness and goodness of our dear Lord. One thing that will never leave my mind is the thought that no matter how dark or grave the thing we're experiencing at the moment God is still God and He'll remain forever good on us, His beloved people.

2 days had passed since Ignite's last day but I'm still feeling the heat of emotions and the euphoric feeling I felt from it. This 3-day event surely left me a very holy hang-over feeling.  This is the highlight of my summer vacation. I'm looking forward to the next Ignite on 2013. We'll be counting quite many months before finally meeting again to give praises to the Lord! And I'm praying and hoping that the number of delegates will be way more than the 7,OOO students who attended this year. See you!:)


 Clariz and I

On me:
top: Next | pants: Bazaar 
Hello, clogs! ~LeDonne

Oh my ring:| Sad that I lost it:(

 We're bestfriends:-)

 Our Ignite IDs

 During the break, we ate @ MOA

 The bay looks gloomy:|

On me:
top: Vintage | bottom: Redhead | belt: YRYS | shoes: Bazaar | bag: EGG 
Hello, Silver shoes :-)


Photo together inside the taxi AGAIN:)))

 Z, Divi, Hanna and I (my awesome college friends)

 We're so happy to see Andrea:)

 Look how massive the crowd was.


YAY! GO CEU:))))

Different schools attended and supported Ignite.

T'was shocking! :-))

 On me:
cover up: Redhead | inner top: Bayo | shorts: Surplus shop | shoes: Bazaar | bag: EGG

 Ada Mandapat, Mark Asinas(my cousin), Clariz and I (My elementary friends)

Clariz, Ada and I

 Clariz, Z, Divi, Nikki, Hanna and I

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Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello Monday! Janine and I went to Ayala Ave. to meet the brother of my cousin's wife. We're told to give him some imported vitamins and medicines. T'was a long, tiring journey. I know you're aware of the various underpass along Ayala ave. and OMG we had to pass through lots of them. That gave us swelling and hurting feet:| After about an hour of walking, we finally saw him, we gave the meds and bid him goodbye. Mission accomplished!:) So we headed to Glorietta to check out back-to-school goodies and also to buy my most-desired bag at Tomato. But sadly, the bag I would really die for to have was out-of-stock. Unlucky me:( Since I really, really love it, we went to Market-market to check if the Tomato outlet there has the bag I want but maybe, I was not destined to have that bag. It's also out-of-stock there. Nin spotted a pink-gray satchel-looking-type bag and showed it to me. I have second thoughts on buying that bag 'cos I think it's a bit big for me but since I also crave for satchels, I bought that bag. It matches well my school uniform though. Eggzited to use it when classes resume.

Serena and Blair♥ Hehe ;-)

top: Topshop | shorts: Redhead | belt:YRYS | bag: Vintage | hat: props:-)

shoes: Bazaar

I think Nin's tired already x.x

I look "ewan", I know it:)

Booties. Yay! Cooool
Summer color.

Shades @ 79php. Cheapoooo:-)
Colorful Necklaces.
My fave cologne from ~ Herbench. Love the fruity smell:-)

The white-black cardigan from ~ Bayo caught Nin's attention

On our way out, we saw Nin's friend and they had a little chat and as a "souvenir" I took a photo of them. Cute girls:)

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday @ VFC

"Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord." (Psalm:27:17)

We're on the second part of one of Victory's most powerful series-When God doesn't  Make Sense. This week's title is When it Takes too Long. I was moved by the words and verses Pastor Paolo mentioned on his preaching. His words are strong, catchy and really are an eye-opener for many. 

We have lots of longings, dreams, aspirations in life and in order for us to attain all those, we have to patiently wait and put our best foot in everything we do. But sometimes, we get tired of waiting and we even come to the point of  questioning God on why does it have to take too long before we finally able to get what we want. I know it's really tough to wait and wait and wait but I keep on sticking to what Pastor Paolo has said: "God's delays are not necessarily His denials." Just persevere and faithfully believe on God's proper timing. In His time, all the desires of our hearts will be fulfilled. 

"We may never know what the future holds but at least we know who holds it."-Pastor Paolo

Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Saturday afternoon

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon but the rain didn't stop my sister and I from hitting the mall. I accompanied her to buy clothes. I suggested Forever 21 since they sell really nice and chic clothes. She also wants a V-neck top so F21 is really the best place! They have great fitting V-necks there. While lurking around the store, I bumped with  a friend, Gelca Rivero with her cousin Susha(cute name, right?). Little chat and we bid each other good bye. After satisfying my sister's desire, we headed to Glorietta 5 to look for a hot pair of clogs I'm dreaming of having since last month. Thank God, I scored a very posh pair at LeDonne:) Love love it:)

What I wore:
top: Ropa | shorts: SM Dept. Store |  bag: EGG |  ring: YRYS
Paired it with my very comfy Havies:)

This is me inside the fitting room:) HELLO with the gray V-neck I'm trying on.

My clogs from LeDonne:)

Isn't fab?