Saturday, September 1, 2012

Bloom with florals

top: Bazaar | pants: Forever 21 | bag: Tomato | Sunnies: Forever 21

Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy genes

Started my week with a slumber-slash-food trip night with my cousins last Sunday at home. We tried to make s'mores! hehe We also cooked  chicken flakes oozing with mushroom and cheese. We topped that to our toasted breads! thanks to my good cooking skills we had  bountiful of foods to eat that night! hahahahahaha

After satisfying our stomach, we chatted for a bit then watched the movie, "One Day" which truly broke our heart. Very sad movie:( Janine and I were almost in tears while watching.

these breads 


these chicken flakes w mushroom and cheese
  (just invented this combo! haha)

and you'll have this.... ...(drum roll, please?) haha!


these s'mores...

Never have a dull moment w these kids! hehe

How did you start your week, guys?:)


Thursday, August 30, 2012


I never thought I'd be in love like this... Never even in my dreams that I imagined all these things to happen to us..

 We met, became good friends, became strangers at some point.. but our story didn't stop there. Trails of things just radically changed... we became closer, deepened the friendship that we have,  til the moment that we first kissed, and now we’re dating. I can't label the kind of relationship we have now. All I know is that our hearts share one commonality.. and that is.. we love each other. My life just changed when I realized I'm already in love with you. Changes I'm truly happy that I've experienced. My feelings for you become deeper with each passing day. You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  You are not my boyfriend yet but honestly, I love you more than a girlfriend could love her boyfriend. What we have now is beautiful. I don't want this feeling to end. I'm in love. I'm happy. I'm blessed. I'll be forever grateful. The reason why I'm feeling all you. Thank you for making my days just that much better. Just thank you. I like you isn't the phrase that I must use to end this.. it must be I love you... all the angels in the heaven know this. I hope that one day we can take this relationship to the next level. I'm praying.


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

July Photo diary

July has been extra-special and I feel so blessed. Crazy adventures, happiness, good vibes, milk tea hang-outs, random movie dates, laughs w friends. Too many good things just happened for this month and I'm with high-hopes that August would be as fun or better yet would be way cooler than July! August is my birthday month(just a trivia hehe!)   Now August, August will be a different story. I hope I am mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually prepared for anything life will throw at me this coming month. Bring it on.

Take a peek of different snapshots I got for this month:

Bataan bound.
Haven't seen these very awesome cousins for almost half a decade. Spent the whole weekend with them. Endless stories and happy bondings. Happy vibes! 

Book of the month. 
Looking forward to learnings about life, love, relationship and His words.  

  Went to mall, spotted this mustard heart-printed cardigan & cute cozy top. Minutes ago, I caught myself at the cashier  almost already done purchasing these stuffs! haha I'm a sucker of anything heart-printed, just for you to know! :DD

The hanging bridge inside Caleruega. Nothing too special 'bout this bridge, just like to take a photo of it:DD (PhotoG wannabe spirit comes alive again! haha)

So this is "the" guy. He's vain like that, putting face mask every night before hitting the sack. Now I'm confused why I like him HAHAHA kidding:DD So the story behind this photo is... On a random day, I gave him a pack of facial mask to relax his pimple-full(omg sorry for the term) face but it turned out I just made his pimple problem worse because he told me that after he used the mask he gained another pimple-colony (i'm exaggerating in this part haha, he just had another one:DD) -________________-

The first time my eyes laid on this cupcake necklace I instantly fell in-love with it. Had to buy it right away.

The Chapel
Hands down. Very nice chapel. Perfect for exchanging wedding vows.

I've been dreaming of visiting Caleruega ever since high school and I thank God for His kindness cause He paved the way for me to be able to set my feet on the grounds of one of the places in my "visit-these-places-before-I-die list!" Caleruega-checked!:D And could you guess what made that day 100x special? I was with the guy my heart desires:')) Dream come trueee. Perfect place w the closest  person to your heart. Couldn't ask for more!!  I love Caleruega but I love more the guy who's with me in the photo above. (insert kilig face here) hehe 

Weird plant
Sorry but I don't know what's this plant. Was just amazed by it's uniqueness so I wasn't able to resist the urge to take a one "click" to it.

Random milk tea day with Nikki.
Why captioned the photo with that word? simply because we excel in everything we do! hahaha kidding:DD

Sweet scribbles actually:') 
Attached to his morning treats are these hand-written messages.
Sweet guy, very lucky me!

I like taking shots of my feet and I don't kno why and I don't have time to figure out why so moving on.... I'm currently into this pair of orange flats. So comfy and the color's very refreshing to my eyes. Orange and tan is a perfect color combo!:D

Photo via Clarissa! haha 
That was the day when we watched one of  Cinemalaya's entry, "Oros" at TriNoma. We were with my bully high school best friends:)

Braved the streets of Chinatown with two of the most awesome people I know. Love them both to bits.

DAPT - Draw A Person Test - Mini Me

Our class photo during our Org's Assembly last July14. Been with these awesome people for almost four years now. Great minds, young souls. Good luck to us to our future endeavors.

Do you have any August wishes? :)


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Tutti Frutti's Sad stare.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Week In Pictures

Saturday- Went to Blogger's united with my most awesome cousin Janine:) Saw in flesh my favorite bloggers. Bought a lot of cute finds:) 

Sunday- Watched movie, had dinner at Burger Ave, attended church, had some Happy L drinks and went home super HAPPY:) 

Monday- Braved the streets of Manila w/ my best friend Clarissa. You might be wondering what's the photo above, that's what I wore hehe! Denim and sunnies, anyone?:))

Such an awesome week!:DD


Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Wore this when we had a late fam lunch at the mall yesterday. Decided to just wear shorts 'coz of the freaking heat. Weather's so bipolar, too hot in the afternoon then all rains at night. Crazy.

cover-up: Esprit | shorts: Bazaar | shoes: Bazaar 

ps* spare my ugly eyebags-____-I know, yuck.


Saturday, May 19, 2012

What we made: Wicked Oreos

Last night, my cousin-slash-best friend-slash-twin Janine and my sister came up with this random idea of throwing some wicked oreo party haha We did some ingredients shopping at the store near by 'cause foods inside our fridge are obviously not the ones we need. So there we go, went home with a box of pancake mix, 2 packs of oreo, 2 eggs and lots of junk foods(sorry dear kidneys, just one night please?:p) 

If you guys are wond'ring how to make these cutie patootie surefire yummy goodies, I'll teach you how to, ladies(I'm talking like a pro now haha)

1. Mix the pancake mix, we used pre made and ready to go mix so all we had to do is just add water, egg and butter to it. Mix them properly, make sure that there are no lumps.

2. Soak all the oreos in the batter. You have to make sure that both sides of the cookie are covered.

3. Put the soaked oreos into the pot of oil. Deep fry it.

4. Based on my readings, it is best served with Vanilla ice-cream, but in our case, we don't have vanilla ice-cream-___- still taste super good, though!:D

Just a note, however, it is not exactly a healthy choice, so self control is advised! haha


Saturday, May 12, 2012

Brewing some love ♡

I’ve been praying for this thing to happen ever since I had my first heartbreak years ago, been praying to God for Him to give me a man who has a pure heart and will accept, love and respect me for who I am. Answered prayer, I should say! I couldn’t put into words how grateful I am for all the blessings I had received and still receiving this year. I owe everything to God. Still praying to Him to give us the guidance and blessing for this brewing love we have for each other. I’m leaving everything to God, may His will be done. At this moment, I’m already thankful for what God had gave me, this feeling of being loved by someone you love is just priceless:’)  



Did the walkway at Boni High Street last Easter Sunday. T'was really very artistic and interactive. Through the images and activities they prepared you will really be able to unveil and understand more the everlasting love of God for us. 

After doing the walkway, we headed to Fully Booked to look for some good reads and just minutes before midnight, we felt a need to buy drinks from the cutie patootie drink store, Happy Lemon. I ordered Oreo Milktea, while Nin had the very famous Cocoa with Rock Salt & Cheese ( sounds weird right? but it tastes really goooood).

*Sorry for the blurry photo*
top: Landmark | skirt: Bazaar | flats: Bazaar | bag: Vintage


Sunday, April 29, 2012


 I was invited to attend the posh-est party of one of the posh-est person I know. Twas ate Chem's 31st birthday celebration, held at BSA Suites in Makati. Being a Gossip Girl nut she had a GG inspired party. Felt so giddy seeing everyone in their GG inspired outfits. Even the songs played were soundtracks from Gossip Girl. Such a lovely party:) *ps. I tried my best to be a Blair-2nd rate but I failed, according to my cousin, I looked like Juliet more-_- twas fine anyway.

Photos here:

 with the very perky Ate Neng

"the Me" before dressing up 

Preppin' up

The Celebrant- Ate Chem aka Blair W.

The Cake

My failed Blair W. outfit-_-

Nin as Lil J.

Played Pinoy Henyo. Loser kame:|

Makati Skyline *-*

And who could beat this? haha

The gorge upper east siders! haha