Sunday, April 17, 2011

We just wanna have fun!

Since boredom really kills us, my friends and I decided to go somewhere. A place we've never been to yet. Lots of places were mentioned but then we agreed on going to La Mesa, Eco Park:) Yea, that's how nature-lover are we!

The temp. that day was freaking high! Seems like we're walking on a desert! Good thing our company to each other made the atmosphere a bit light by cracking so funny jokes and reminiscing our dearest high-school life:)

Saw there families having their quality time together.

The gays, I mean the guys haha!
Jerome and Marc

On me: 
top: Just G. | bottom: Queen jeans  | shoes: Bazaar 

Borrowed Gelai's cap and posed like a G-Wannabe ;) Isn't cool? haha

The La Mesa Dam

Their Backs! We had this trekking-slash-ghost hunting thing. Creepyyyy :O

Love our poses here! The pretending-to-be-unaware shot!


T'was a long, tiring yet funny day for us. Though we're only five we still managed to enjoy! Til our next trip! Ciao:)


  1. Hi colin, thanks for following me. Back reading your blog right now. :)


  2. You're welcome:) and thank you for taking time reading my posts:)♥