Sunday, January 22, 2012

You can't hurry love.

When you think about love, the next thing that comes into your mind is  your boyfriend(if you have one) or having a boyfriend(if you're single). Every girl dreams of meeting that someone who will sweep them off their feet and live a life like those in fairy tales. During my high school days, most of the girls in my batch and in the lower years  had boyfriends at an early age. I thought that I would be like them and every single day I thought of who among the sea of guys will capture my heart. Well, I have fallen in love with someone but I guess cupid wasn't successful in pairing us up.
Years passed, now I'm 19 and ample time from now I'll be leaving college and... I still don’t have a boyfriend. And you know what? I don’t feel bothered about it. I’m happy, I swear. Being single opens doors to possibilities and opportunities. You get to meet lots of people, realize things in your life, do the things you want, and simply enjoying everything life has to offer. Thinking about all these, I realized that I do have a love story; not with a guy but with myself. Being single made me a stronger person, paved the way for me to become closer to my family and friends, made me appreciate the things around me and helped me built a better, deeper relationship with God.  I got to know myself better and explore stuff beyond my comfort zone. All these things led me to loving myself which is the first thing that everyone has to learn before getting into a relationship. Treasure your family, friends, education, talents, hobbies, and other things you love because they're the ones that'll help you in your search for  joy in your life.  Falling in love and being in a relationship is not just a matter of loving and taking good care of each other but having someone to share your blessings, endeavors and happiness with.

When I got comments like: "Hey! You’re pretty. Why don’t you have a boyfriend?”, “You have a great personality! Why don’t you have a boyfriend?” , "You're already 19 why don't you have a boyfriend yet?"  or "Everyone in your group has their guy, mind finding one for yourself too?" I feel kinda irritated. If you’re pretty or have a great personality, it doesn’t mean you automatically have to have a boyfriend.  The reasons are far beyond looks and personality. Don't get me wrong, ladies I ain't declaring I'm pretty haha. I ain't pretty nor ugly. God just made me unique, gave me cute eyes(this is my blog, I care the least if you'll agree or what haha), really short legs, frizzy hair(I'm fine with it, got no choice but to love it anyway), puffy cheeks. I love myself, with it's flaws and all. Nobody's perfect anyway and I'm a living proof of it.
So going back, I don’t want to rush into things because I know there’s a right time for every single thing to happen. I believe that you need to wait for the right time and right person to come along. I want somebody to love me, for who I am, not for how I look or anything else. I want someone to respect me like how I respect others. I want someone to treat me how I deserve to be treated. I want someone who'll love me despite of my many flaws. Someone who is willing to bear all my craziness and weirdness. What I’m doing now is enjoying the present and not chasing after love. I will embrace the mystery of the future and will let love find its way to meet me at the right place and at the right time. I'm leaving everything to God. Lifting all my thoughts to Him. May all His will be done.
God bless, lovelies!



  1. nice post, I agree :) don't rush things, specially about having a relationship. Your only 19 you'll find love in the right time.

  2. Reading this post I feel like I'm reading my own life story.. hahahaha! I had one boyfriend in HS but it didn't work out. I'm 19 now and still don't have a boyfriend! hahaha.. And I agree with everything you said about loving one's self first and leaving everything to GOD :)

    Kisses! xxx

  3. Thank you Mara:) Well yes, we're still young. We have a lot of years to explore the world and to meet a lot of people:) God bless you!

  4. i loved this. sorry for reading it just now. but swear, this made me realize things, things beyond my awesome comprehension can take me. :)