Sunday, April 29, 2012


 I was invited to attend the posh-est party of one of the posh-est person I know. Twas ate Chem's 31st birthday celebration, held at BSA Suites in Makati. Being a Gossip Girl nut she had a GG inspired party. Felt so giddy seeing everyone in their GG inspired outfits. Even the songs played were soundtracks from Gossip Girl. Such a lovely party:) *ps. I tried my best to be a Blair-2nd rate but I failed, according to my cousin, I looked like Juliet more-_- twas fine anyway.

Photos here:

 with the very perky Ate Neng

"the Me" before dressing up 

Preppin' up

The Celebrant- Ate Chem aka Blair W.

The Cake

My failed Blair W. outfit-_-

Nin as Lil J.

Played Pinoy Henyo. Loser kame:|

Makati Skyline *-*

And who could beat this? haha

The gorge upper east siders! haha



  1. love the top! :))

  2. love the outfits :)

  3. Aaaawe :) All of you look so lovely in your GG inspired outfits :) i wish I could go to a Gossip Girl themed party and be all upper east sider and all.. haha

    Kisses! xxx

  4. ang cute ng cake and the cupcakes (^_^)

  5. Yup they're super cute talaga hehe feel na feel mo ang spirit ng Gossip Girl eh hehe

  6. you know what, you're so pretty :) i love your outfits tooo.. :)
    i'm a new follower :)

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  7. Thanks for the sweet words, Sandra:) Followed you already! God bless:)

  8. Really cute post! and you're tops before and after you dressed up were all cuties!

    btw, i'm inviting you to join an ongoing giveaway happening in my blog! thanks!

  9. Thank you Ms. Gelianne:) Sure, I'll be joining it:)