Saturday, May 19, 2012

What we made: Wicked Oreos

Last night, my cousin-slash-best friend-slash-twin Janine and my sister came up with this random idea of throwing some wicked oreo party haha We did some ingredients shopping at the store near by 'cause foods inside our fridge are obviously not the ones we need. So there we go, went home with a box of pancake mix, 2 packs of oreo, 2 eggs and lots of junk foods(sorry dear kidneys, just one night please?:p) 

If you guys are wond'ring how to make these cutie patootie surefire yummy goodies, I'll teach you how to, ladies(I'm talking like a pro now haha)

1. Mix the pancake mix, we used pre made and ready to go mix so all we had to do is just add water, egg and butter to it. Mix them properly, make sure that there are no lumps.

2. Soak all the oreos in the batter. You have to make sure that both sides of the cookie are covered.

3. Put the soaked oreos into the pot of oil. Deep fry it.

4. Based on my readings, it is best served with Vanilla ice-cream, but in our case, we don't have vanilla ice-cream-___- still taste super good, though!:D

Just a note, however, it is not exactly a healthy choice, so self control is advised! haha



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  2. so yummy :)) "Lemme try this at home.hehhee nice blog! :))

    ^^, julie

  3. Hi Julie! I swear it's very yummy! Thanks for the compli anyway:) God bless! ♥

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  5. yummy wicked oreos!

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