Monday, November 21, 2011


We had a class election and I won the position of a "kawawang secretary". You read it right, kawawa:| being a class secretary is not new to me ever since grade school, I'm ALWAYS the unfortunate one to bag that position. And i just hate writing lectures on board, checking attendance and other boring errands your prof will ask from you. Can't blame the people who just adores my penmanship, it's really good! hahaha joke:) I don't know if my classmates just wanna punish me with this responsibility they gave me, I'm lazy I swear and I dunno why did they vote for me.  But since I love my classmates I ain't mad at them for giving me this hell-o position in our class. I think I'm already exaggerating hehe Done with my blah-ing:) I'll continue studying for our Cognitive and Experimental psychology quiz tomorrow. Wish me luck, lovies:)


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