Monday, November 21, 2011

Fashion Rev Bazaar

My very posh and kind friend, Deceree came with me yesterday at the Fashion Revolution Bazaar held at the Megatent, Ortigas. And by the way, I entered the bazaar for free cause I won Ms. Ana Palaspas promo wherein she gave free tickets to her lucky readers, and thank God I was one of those "lucky ones". Going back to my talk about the bazaar, it wasn't the hippiest nor the lamest bazaar I've been to. Most of the concessionaires were selling accessories and shoes. 

The Venue


The very posh, Deceree in her uber "fash-yon" H&M top

top: Landmark | shorts: Random Bazaar | bag: Tomato | aviators: Borrowed from Nin

Peek of what I was able to brought home:

 Bought this cute red bag from THERAPY BAGS

Bangles and a pair of fab tassle earrings



  1. i especially love that red bag and it lives true to its name! it surely is a therapy bag!

  2. Thanks for the compliment, Ms. Eunica:)