Thursday, August 30, 2012


I never thought I'd be in love like this... Never even in my dreams that I imagined all these things to happen to us..

 We met, became good friends, became strangers at some point.. but our story didn't stop there. Trails of things just radically changed... we became closer, deepened the friendship that we have,  til the moment that we first kissed, and now we’re dating. I can't label the kind of relationship we have now. All I know is that our hearts share one commonality.. and that is.. we love each other. My life just changed when I realized I'm already in love with you. Changes I'm truly happy that I've experienced. My feelings for you become deeper with each passing day. You're the one I want to spend the rest of my life with.  You are not my boyfriend yet but honestly, I love you more than a girlfriend could love her boyfriend. What we have now is beautiful. I don't want this feeling to end. I'm in love. I'm happy. I'm blessed. I'll be forever grateful. The reason why I'm feeling all you. Thank you for making my days just that much better. Just thank you. I like you isn't the phrase that I must use to end this.. it must be I love you... all the angels in the heaven know this. I hope that one day we can take this relationship to the next level. I'm praying.


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