Friday, August 31, 2012

Happy genes

Started my week with a slumber-slash-food trip night with my cousins last Sunday at home. We tried to make s'mores! hehe We also cooked  chicken flakes oozing with mushroom and cheese. We topped that to our toasted breads! thanks to my good cooking skills we had  bountiful of foods to eat that night! hahahahahaha

After satisfying our stomach, we chatted for a bit then watched the movie, "One Day" which truly broke our heart. Very sad movie:( Janine and I were almost in tears while watching.

these breads 


these chicken flakes w mushroom and cheese
  (just invented this combo! haha)

and you'll have this.... ...(drum roll, please?) haha!


these s'mores...

Never have a dull moment w these kids! hehe

How did you start your week, guys?:)



  1. Your post made me hungry. haha lol :) Your so pretty ^_^

    btw, I'm a new follower! You're awesome, keep it up! :) Hoping you'll check and follow my blog too<3 :)

  2. Hi, Jan Michelle! Thanks for dropping by my humble blog:)

    Followed you already! God bless:)


  3. So much food, I can't even. HAHAHA. Love it! Any, You might like to check out my blog post about my collaboration with Giordano's New Chambray Collection. Thank you so much! Feel free to comment about my post, let me know how you feel about it. THANKS!