Monday, May 30, 2011


Hello Monday! Janine and I went to Ayala Ave. to meet the brother of my cousin's wife. We're told to give him some imported vitamins and medicines. T'was a long, tiring journey. I know you're aware of the various underpass along Ayala ave. and OMG we had to pass through lots of them. That gave us swelling and hurting feet:| After about an hour of walking, we finally saw him, we gave the meds and bid him goodbye. Mission accomplished!:) So we headed to Glorietta to check out back-to-school goodies and also to buy my most-desired bag at Tomato. But sadly, the bag I would really die for to have was out-of-stock. Unlucky me:( Since I really, really love it, we went to Market-market to check if the Tomato outlet there has the bag I want but maybe, I was not destined to have that bag. It's also out-of-stock there. Nin spotted a pink-gray satchel-looking-type bag and showed it to me. I have second thoughts on buying that bag 'cos I think it's a bit big for me but since I also crave for satchels, I bought that bag. It matches well my school uniform though. Eggzited to use it when classes resume.

Serena and Blair♥ Hehe ;-)

top: Topshop | shorts: Redhead | belt:YRYS | bag: Vintage | hat: props:-)

shoes: Bazaar

I think Nin's tired already x.x

I look "ewan", I know it:)

Booties. Yay! Cooool
Summer color.

Shades @ 79php. Cheapoooo:-)
Colorful Necklaces.
My fave cologne from ~ Herbench. Love the fruity smell:-)

The white-black cardigan from ~ Bayo caught Nin's attention

On our way out, we saw Nin's friend and they had a little chat and as a "souvenir" I took a photo of them. Cute girls:)

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