Saturday, May 21, 2011

One Saturday afternoon

It's a rainy Saturday afternoon but the rain didn't stop my sister and I from hitting the mall. I accompanied her to buy clothes. I suggested Forever 21 since they sell really nice and chic clothes. She also wants a V-neck top so F21 is really the best place! They have great fitting V-necks there. While lurking around the store, I bumped with  a friend, Gelca Rivero with her cousin Susha(cute name, right?). Little chat and we bid each other good bye. After satisfying my sister's desire, we headed to Glorietta 5 to look for a hot pair of clogs I'm dreaming of having since last month. Thank God, I scored a very posh pair at LeDonne:) Love love it:)

What I wore:
top: Ropa | shorts: SM Dept. Store |  bag: EGG |  ring: YRYS
Paired it with my very comfy Havies:)

This is me inside the fitting room:) HELLO with the gray V-neck I'm trying on.

My clogs from LeDonne:)

Isn't fab? 


  1. i like your yellow bag so cute!

  2. Thank you for the compliment:)

  3. Cute Britain shirt! =)